virtual online courses

virtual online courses

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Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program

Are you searching for a program to help you discover who you are as an energy healer? Are you ready to commit to your own healing and growth, so you can share your healing gifts with the world? My EPA program was designed to facilitate your learning.

Deepening Your Understanding of the Soul Code

Deepening Your Understanding of the Soul Code focuses and deepening your skills as an energy practitioner on the following topics: the soul, accessing soul contracts, working with etheric cords, akashic records, and connection to the spiritual realm.

Ancestral Healing: Working With Your Intergenerational Patterns

Our online course on Ancestral Healing has seven units focusing on intergenerational patterns and the healing process. Each month, you will have the opportunity to work and gain insights through online classes, deepening understanding, practicum, and learn from others.

Unlocking Your Journey with Tarot Cards

Learn how to unlock the ancient divination tool of Tarot cards with this online course. Tarot card readings can be used for your own guidance and for others. Not only will you learn the magic of the Riders and Waite Tarot deck but you will watch your confidence and understanding flourish.

Transformative Approach to a Contemplative Mind

Transformative Approach to a Contemplative Mind is a seven week course that helps you continue on your life path of your personal freedom through contemplative practice for your mind, body and spirit.

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