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Mind Body Spirit Connection represents the interconnection and relationship of our true self, our wholeness and who we are! All three aspects are equally important. All three must work together. All three must be in balance, so we can live harmonious lives.

Our community is founded on the principles that mind, body and spirit is all-encompassing. We offer a holistic approach with these three aspects of self to create balance, harmony and good health.

How can we assist you through our services to maintain overall well-being and good health?  As energy practitioners and integrative spiritual life coaches, we aim to gently guide you in developing and achieving your own life balance, well-being and good health. We can help you explore holistic practices in energy therapies, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and spiritual practices that nourish the mind, body and spirit. We strive to give you the individualized care that is as unique as you are. We are also a growing a network of holistic practitioners with whom we work closely to ensure you receive the care that you deserve.

holistic healing services

Our services include energy healing therapy, Bach flower essence consultations, and integrated energy therapy, as well as spiritual energy work performed via phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.

virtual courses

Our virtual online learning allows for you to interact, collaborate and exchange ideas with instructors and peers.

in-person workshops

Our in-person workshops cover reiki, integrated energy therapies, pendulum workshops, and more.

Meet Our Creative and Amazing Team

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”~Thich Nhat Hanh

We are compassionate, understanding, and experienced energy practitioners in the greater Boston area. Meet our team members and learn about our diverse backgrounds.

Annemarie Seidenberg

Annemarie is an owner of a Holistic Healing Practice and the co-founder of the Wellness Collaborative in Natick MA, an integrative alternative and complementary medicine and counseling practice. Annemarie feels that “life will continually surprise you with all sorts of life lessons to help you enlighten”.  She continues to excavate her own lessons through deep inner work on understanding her intuitive gifts. From the time she could remember, she had natural intuitive abilities. For much of her life, she kept her gifts a secret because she feared being misunderstood and the sheer power behind her gift. There came a point in her life when she could no longer deny her gifts. Many doors opened and her journey began!

Her journey started by reading the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Soul Contract by Caroline Myss, and working through the Course in Miracles. Those three books were pivotal to her mind – body- spirit growth. Annemarie immersed herself into studying reiki, integrated energy therapy, and other modalities. She became an ordained minister and received my master’s in divinity from the University of Metaphysics Sciences (UMS) to understand her connection to the divine. Through her journey, she received many life lessons. Some lessons made her draw on the strength and divine wisdom to continue on her path. She learned to be true to herself because of all those lessons. She is truly grateful and blessed to all those who came and shined their light into her life and to be a part of many incredible lessons.

As Annemarie continues to pursue deep inner work on enlightenment, spiritual traditions and soul code, she is offering workshops, classes and retreats to help others. As a sacred activist, she wants to help others through guidance and support as they travel on their own life journey.

Annemarie’s Education & Experience
  • 2023 – Soma Breathwork Instructor
  • 2021 – Global Mystic Certification
  • 2021 – Feeding the Demon
  • 2020 – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
  • 2020 – Native American Drumming and Flute
  • 2020 – Ancestral Healing
  • 2019 – Selenite & SoundTM
  • 2018 – Shamanic Journeys
  • 2016 – Certified Aromatherapist
  • 2015 – Morphogenic Field Testing seminar
  • 2015 – Bach Essence Registered Practitioner
  • 2011 – Crystal Light Crystal Practitioner
  • 2010 – Master of Divinity degree and title of Reverend
  • 2008 – Traditional Naturopath, ND
  • 2007 – Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor
  • 2005 – Angeltouche, Shamballa, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • 2002 – CAGS – Educational Leadership – BSU
  • 1998 – MA in Consulting Teacher of Reading – BSU
  • 1994 – BS in Special Education and Early Childhood Education – BSU
Charlotte Dunn

Charlotte Dunn

Charlotte is Annemarie’s Operations Director and Co-Liason to the Mentorship program of the Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program supporting Annemarie through her programs, classes, and retreats.

Charlotte grew up in Needham MA, and attended Mount Alvernia High School where their motto “Pax et Bonum”, peace and goodness, always resonated with her. She strived to bring peace and goodness into her own life and the lives of her friends and family. She went on to study Speech, Hearing, and Communication Science Disorders at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating with her Bachelors of Arts, she was at a crossroads. She started seeing Annemarie for Reiki treatments and became so drawn to the lessons and foundations that she started studying Reiki with Annemarie, where she was peers with Carole Nathanson, Co- Liaison, and Corinne Wyard, Spiritual Coach. Together with the help of Annemarie, the foundations of Reiki, and the EPA Program, we came together to form a sacred space for students to share, grow, and learn together.

Outside of her role as Operations Director, Charlotte is a manager at Dana Farber Cancer Institute where she supports the Welcome Center and Contact Operations. In both of her roles, she aims to help others step into their potential and be empowered to use their own personal power to better themselves, and their communities.

Charlotte’s Education & Experience
  • 2024 – Unlocking Your Journey With Tarot Cards
  • 2023 – UMA Reiki Master Teacher
  • 2022 – Universal Life Church – Minister
  • 2021 – Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Certification
  • 2021 – Ancestral Healing
  • 2021 – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 2020 – Reiki Master
  • 2019 – Reiki Levels I,II, III
  • 2016 – Loyola University Maryland, BA Speech, Hearing, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Carole Nathanson

Carole A. Nathanson

Carole is Co-Liason to the Mentorship program of the Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program, Co-Facilitator to Ancestral Healing: Working with your Intergenerational Patterns online course and Spiritual Life Coach at Journey to One Heart Retreat. She also has her own private practice.

Carole’s calling toward service began first with family and friends and then she became involved in larger, organized settings. She is a longtime volunteer for the American Cancer Society, trained in Psychological First Aid, and also as a Patient Navigator.

To understand her natural empathic skills, she explored Reiki first as a client and then as a student. Carole’s extensive professional background in the food brokerage industry and commercial real estate management complement her more intuitive command. As a Reiki Master, Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Coach, it is Carole’s honor to guide others on their journey toward greater self-awareness, awakening, healing, peace, and success.

The foundational acumen that she uses in her volunteer and business work combined with her Reiki, Spiritual Coaching and energy modalities, including mindfulness and meditation among many others, allow Carole to connect and assist at an intuitive level – either in a one-on-one or group setting. It is here that Carole assists others to access their power to understand and appreciate themselves better, uncover their unique gifts and cultivate their intuition in order to make life changes and find balance while working to be their best and highest for themselves and others.

Contact Information
E-mail: carole8002@gmail.com
Phone: 617-835-0077

Carole’s Education & Experience
  • 2024 – Unlocking Your Journey With Tarot Cards
  • 2023 – UMA Reiki Master Teacher
  • 2023 – Integrated Energy Therapy Master Teacher
  • 2022 – The Clarity Code
  • 2022 – The Great Transformation, Caroline Myss
  • 2021 – Ancestral Healing
  • 2021 – Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program
  • 2021 – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 2021 – Angelic Healing Practitioner
  • 2020 – Reiki Master
  • 2020 – Spiritual Coaching
  • 2020 – Angels, Communication & Guidance
  • 2020 – Universal Life Church Minister
  • 2019 – Reiki Levels I,II, III
  • 2018 – Psychological First Aid – Riverside Trauma Center, Community Care
  • 2017 – G.W. Cancer Center Oncology Patient Navigator
  • 2009 – American Cancer Society Community Resource Volunteer
  • 1985 – Boston University, BA Political Science
Michelle Ouellette

Michelle Ouellette

Michelle Ouellette is a Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach who helps students navigate through the Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program. She also has a private practice and sees clients by appointment only.

She grew up in Lowell, MA. As a little girl she was drawn to spirituality. As she grew older, her desire became stronger to learn more on how to help others. She crossed paths with Annemarie, which opened a whole new path spiritual path for her. She started studying many different holistic modalities such as: Energy, Reiki, EFT and Quantum Healing, Emotion Code and Ho’oponopono. These courses allowed her to dive deep into her soul and evolve as a person.

Michelle is currently working in the medical field as a Senior Recovery Analyst. She has been in the medical field for many years where she has worked all areas of the Revenue Cycle. This includes doctor’s offices, hospitals, and insurance companies. The roles in which she holds allowed her to not only help others but also obtain great knowledge. In addition to her job and family, Michelle is focused on fulfilling her childhood dream and soul purpose.

Michelle's Education & Experience
  • 2024 – Unlocking Your Journey With Tarot Cards
  • 2023 – UMA Reiki Master Teacher
  • 2022 – Universal Life Church – Minister
  • 2021 – Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Certification
  • 2021 – Ancestral Healing
  • 2021 – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 2019 – New York Institute of Career Development, Medical Administration 
  • 2018 – Emotional Code
  • 2016 – Reiki Master
  • 2015 – Reiki Levels I,II, III
  • 2012 – Lincoln Tech, Medical Administration
  • 2007 – Studied Business Administration

Leslie Kiefer

Leslie is the resident Massage Therapist at Annemarie Seidenberg/ Wellness Collaborative of Natick. She is a graduate of Cortiva Institute’s Massage Therapy School and has been a Massage Therapist for over 10 years specializing in Injury Prevention, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage. She has worked with professional hockey players, Boston Marathon runners, and professional dancers. Leslie is a certified personal trainer since 2007 specializing in corrective exercise, health management, and kid’s fitness. Her passion for movement started with dance at the age of 3 and has continued through her career path. Leslie is completed her Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy.

Since 2010, Leslie has been involved with Annemarie’s dream of taking women on retreats. She has incorporated all her skills at the retreats from massage therapy to OT to coaching. She always shares her love, passion and sense of humor.

Please contact Leslie if you have any questions or to book an appointment at laseid@comcast.net

Leslie’s Education & Experience
  • Dance Teacher
  • Cortiva Institute, Watertown, MA
  • Youth Fitness Coach Specialty
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT 3
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Corrective exercise
  • Occupational Therapy – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Annette Lang’s Post and Pre Natal training
  • American Heart Association, MA CPR and AED certified
  • BA in Dance – University of Massachusetts Amherst

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