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UMA Reiki was developed by Annemarie in 2010. Before UMA Reiki, she studied many styles of reiki and loved each and every one of them. But she wanted to understand her natural intuitive talents and help others like herself who wanted to serve. Annemarie channeled UMA (a divine feminine motherlike energy ) and together these manuals were written. Over the years, Annemarie has taught hundreds of students in this style of reiki, so they could go forth and share this divine feminine energy to others and themselves.

Thank you! I know I speak for so many when I say how completely blessed I am to know you and have you in my life. Thank you for teaching and guiding me along my path that is not readily vadiated by most. You make learning so much easier and for me to be me. How does anyone begin to thank you for you kindest and sharing your generous gifts especially UMA Reiki? The earth is a better place because of you. Much love

Lisa B.

Finding Annemarie and reiki practice has truly changed my life. When I first started my reiki sessions with Annemarie, I was at a pivotal moment in my life seeking guidance for how to approach my next chapter. Since then, my life has been permanently altered in the best way possible. Reiki has changed my entire outlook on life and positively changed my attitude and affect towards every life situation I experience. It has also helped with my anxiety which used to be all-consuming. Through Annemarie and her team, I have also found a fantastic group of women to practice reiki with. This has been extremely beneficial not only for my own practice but strengthening of reiki practice. I work in a medical setting and have found this extremely helpful in my everyday life. I cannot recommend working with Annemarie and her team enough, it is now an essential part of my life.

Francesca Coughlin

level I

First level focuses on the Physical Level (Body) of the human body. This level includes an understanding of energy, reiki, reiki lineage, Usui symbols and UMA healing energy.

level II

Second level focuses on the on the Mental Level (Mind) of the human body. This level includesin-depth look into who you are,  non-traditional reiki symbols, psychic development and energy tools.

level III

Third level focuses on Spiritual level (Spirit) of the human body. This level includes understanding your spiritual journey through the connection to the universe, ethical principles, and master symbols as you become an UMA Reiki Master.​

level IV

Fourth Level is an optional class for those who want to teach UMA reiki to others. This level focuses on preparation to teach uma reiki levels l – lll, attunements and systematic process to help you be the best facilitator.

tools in your toolbox workshops

A well-equipped toolbox is essential for helping yourself or others in life. These workshops are designed to add techniques and methods into your growing toolbox.

angelic realm: the joy of angels

Angels are our gifts from God. Develop a connection and learn to communicate with these beautiful celestial beings in this series of three workshops.

healing with crystals

Learn the properties and benefits of crystals, how to clear and energize your body, and space, raise your vibrations, and access self-healing.

crystal layouts

Explore the art of crystal layouts and continue to enhance your skills by learning about crystal energy vibrations through different crystal shapes.

art for energy healing

Advance your healing journey in this beautiful class that combines art and energy management to cultivate harmony, happiness and wellbeing.

virtual personal growth workshops

Personal growth, a lifelong process, is the desire and motivation to improve your habits, behavior, actions, and reactions. These virtual workshops below focus on helping you to clear and rebalance body-mind-spirit.

I have had the opportunity to take several classes with Mind Body Spiritual Connections and they have all been incredible. The teachers and mentors are extremely gifted, intuitive, knowledgeable, kind and very supportive. They create a class environment that is fun, informative, and incredibly safe, so that you feel comfortable learning and practicing new skills. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn with these women and I am still in touch with them when I have questions. The program itself is extremely organized with information that is easy to access whenever I need it. I HIGHLY recommend these classes and plan to continue taking them. There is truly no other program like this! It is an absolute gift for people wanting to learn more in the field of energy work.

Karen Strasser Gallucci

Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Holistic Health Coach

virtual online breakthrough your limits: emotional freedom technique group

Transform your limiting beliefs, emotions and fears into empowering thoughts, feelings, and actions in a group setting. Discover what is at the root of your struggles in life. This online workshop is offered twice a month on a specific issue. Please check the calendar for the topic, date, and time.

virtual online light and love sound healing circle

Sound healing is the use of physical sound vibrations for therapeutic benefit.  It is unique among healing modalities because sound vibrations produce pure sounds, rich in overtones and harmonics, that interact in a positive way with your physical body, emotions, and subtle energy fields. Our Light and Love Sound Healing Circles are infused with Reiki healing energy and meld the sounds and vibrations of the Himalayan and crystal bowls, the gong, chimes and other healing instruments with mindful meditation. Please check our calendar for dates and times.

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We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs, and are happy to point you in the direction of mind, body, spiritual wellness, healing and balance..



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